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Weekly challenges to help you break smarter, work better and live with more intention.

About Us

Created by Brit Stueven, The Break Changer® helps you break smarter, work better and live more intentionally. It's a growing community for ambitious, busy, creative people who crave less distraction, lowered stress, more joy and genuine connection. Through online challenges, in-person workshops and 1:1 coaching focused on small, simple actions, TBC sparks life-changing, lasting results.

Want to shift your day-to-day from autopilot to AHA-mazing? 
Slow down. Start small. Taking a break can change everything.

"To me, The Break Changer means finding and embracing the simplicity and pure joy in your world. It means taking a step back from a society that values busyness more than happiness. It's a place where you discover self-love, self-care and the power of taking breaks. The community is absolutely amazing." - Christina Argo, member, Head of Production at Bloom Jewelry

Why You Should Join Us

Are you...
...itching for a change in your daily grind?
...too busy to take time for yourself? (That means you NEED it!)
...living on a "hamster wheel" but have now idea how to hop off?
...distracted, overwhelmed + struggling to make space for what you REALLY want?

You're not alone. You're totally in the right place.

When you join the TBC Community, you get to:

  • experience the power of incremental change and successfully building new habits as we explore one theme for an entire month. Themes include things like morning rituals, play, stillness, digital detoxing, productivity, hydration, nourishment, movement, procrastination and simplicity.
  • participate in WEEKLY challenges under each monthly theme to keep you accountable, taking action and experiencing change!
  • experience exclusive content + conversations you can’t find anywhere else.
  • meet people who live near you + dig the same things.
  • have structure, consistency + motivation for those habits + projects you feel stuck on. 
  • experience amazing support + accountability from peeps who GET you.
  • receive invitations to members-only events (in-person or virtual)
  • find unexpected pleasure in things that once seemed simple and boring to you.

"I loved the whole concept of maximizing the life force of my downtime instead of most 'self-help' protocols which promise to maximize my work hours. I found that I could take something as simple and boring as lunch and turn it into a form of creative expression." - Jessica Bartlett, participant in the 10-for-10 Challenge, Nutritionist/Owner at Kitchen Odyssey

Why Brit Started This

Technically speaking, Brit Stueven is a self-care + productivity coach, but clients have dubbed her as a Concierge of Clarity, Life-Change Facilitator and Professor a la Inspirationa.

After hitting burnout at an internet startup in 2010, Brit thought she'd never hit that point again -- especially once she started working for herself. But weak boundaries and mindless habits have their ways, especially in a world where busyness is a badge of honor.

In 2014, her husband’s work planted her in Germany for two years. After a three-month break from Brit Stueven PR and rediscovering simplicity, joy and adventure, she desired accountability around this newfound way of living. So, she created a 10-day, 10-minutes-a-day break challenge...just for fun. Little did she know this playful experiment would impact hundreds of people, change her life and forge a new direction in her work.

Since then, she's worked with close to 2,000 people through more than 35 initiatives and is beyond excited that TBC now has a place to call home. 

Ready for less distraction, more intention and endless possibility? JOIN US!

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